Our Rapidly Changing World

Recent planetary alignments are bringing long awaited changes for
the Earth and her People.

These changes are quickly being reflected in the teachings of
those who have been called to bring this information to our world.

We are pleased to announce The Breath of Light Ascension Course
is now being offered free of charge through this website!

The time period referred to in the course is the Age of Light.  It
lasts for 2,000 years and occurs twice in every 26,000 year cycle.

Our planet passed through this High Frequency energy field 13,000
years ago - and now it is doing it again!

The Earth and her People will continue going through rapid and
unprecedented changes as the coming years unfold.

The Breath of Light will help us Awaken fully and remember how
to use these powerful energies for healing our bodies and bringing
peace to our troubled planet.

You can learn more and register for the course by
clicking here.
Helping Humanity to become its finest self as the Light
of a New Era Emerges on the Earth and her People
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the Course
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Music by Christopher Llyod Clarke