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          Our planet is going through many dramatic changes as the
          Light of the New Earth rapidly transforms all of us.

    The Breath of Light is a Holographic Healing Technique
    that can also be used for personal and planetary ascension.

    This simple technique can be practiced by all age groups
    including the Children who will soon become the leaders
    of the New Earth that is rapidly forming all around us.

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The human body has functioned for countless eons
with a limited number of Chakras and DNA strands.
Old Charka
System with seven
Third Dimensional
"Upgrading our chakra system allows us to reconnect
with our Higher Self and the Source of All That Is.
Previous training is not necessary to take this course.
The Breath of Light will help the Earth and her
people more easily adjust to these dramatic changes.
New Spherical
Charka System with
the Galactic Heart
and New Energy Circuits
Activating the
Galactic Energy Core
Our planet will continue going through rapid and
unprecedented changes as the next few years unfold.
The Age of Light
is Here!
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