The most significant changes in my spiritual life occurred when
a traumatic OBE catapulted me from the fundamental religious
beliefs I was raised with into an overnight awareness of higher
dimensional reality and the interconnectedness of all souls - - -
especially those who were about to begin
leaving this world in
an unconscionably brutal manner!

The onset of the Rwanda massacres was shown to me in a soul
shattering out-of-body-experience that occurred
three days
the horrific slaughters began in the Spring of 1994!

The events I saw coming were so terrifying that I soon had to seek
healing and spiritual guidance from a local Reiki Master who later
helped me understand the deeper meaning of my experience.

My awareness of energetic healing concepts grew quickly after
the OBE and I became a Reiki Master in 1997.

I soon began to include high frequency Lightbody Activations in
my practice and was then guided to study Holographic Healing
Techniques with
an inner sense of urgency that I could not yet

I traveled extensively in 1999 to study Egyptian Mystery School
techniques and learned to use Spiritual Alchemy in a holographic
manner to achieve heightened states of consciousness and
physical well being.

The transformational properties of the techniques were profound
but the training was extremely difficult and required abnormally
large amounts of information to be memorized and processed.

My inner sense of urgency still drove me to learn the techniques
but I do remember "
wishing there could be an easier way" for
ordinary people like myself to learn such powerful methods of
transmutation and healing!

I was then initiated into the Order of Melchezidek - a timeless
group of Spiritual Beings whose primary function is to assist with
the alchemical transmutation of planets and people as they are
shifting into higher dimensional forms of existence.

My 20 year old son was killed during a rescue mission a month
later which instantly opened my heart to a heightened state of
awareness that allowed me
the extraordinary privilege of being
able to communicate with his spirit from the moment my
daughter and I first learned of his crossing!

It was then that I began to understand my earlier sense of urgency
to learn the Egyptian Mystery School techniques as they had
"introduced" me to an aspect of my soul known as my Higher Self  
which could then easily "
communicate" with the same aspect of
my son's soul after he crossed!

That which was complicated soon became simple in understanding
as time lines and dimensions quickly merged into my earliest
understanding of the term "Oneness".

Part of my female heart was shattered beyond repair by the tragic
manner in which my son was killed but my spiritual heart quickly
expanded to a greater level of awareness that allowed me to
transcend the suffering of separation and experience a joyous and
ongoing connection with my son's spirit!

I was soon called to become a Teacher of the New Ways and was
shown the role that I would play as our earthly home "shifts" into
a 5th dimensional state of existence.

I began receiving channeled messages that I thought were "too
futuristic" to share with the world but was then told in a playful
manner that "
the future was a lot closer" than what most of us
had been thinking!!!

I was awakened in the Spring of 2002 by Higher Beings who told me
I was about to be "downloaded" with a new ascension technique
that would allow earthly beings to fully utilize the high frequency
energies being emitted from the Great Central Sun.

The telepathic transmission contained simple instructions for
teaching The Breath of Light technique and many beautiful images
that would help make it easy for people of all ages to learn and

I was then asked to remember the "
wish" that I had made during
the Egyptian Mystery School training (for an easier way to teach
holographic healing techniques) and was playfully told that "
it had
just been GRANTED

I could clearly "see" the images in my mind's eye but had no idea
it would take me several
years to create the digital imagery and
other multi-media information that would one day be used in
presenting the techniques to the public!!!

A life threatening illness kept me from completing the website
presentation in 2006 and I started feeling very lost and depressed
from not being able to complete my earthly Mission in a timely

Many in the world began focusing their attention on the rapidly
growing problem of Global Warming and blamed it on man's
foolishness.  Fear quickly spread throughout the world as massive
weather changes started taking place all around the world.

I became fearful too as powerful storms caused major damage to
my home and surrounding areas.

The Higher Beings then pointed out changes of a higher vibratory
nature and said that which man calls Global Warming could be
more accurately described as
Planetary Ascension in the process
of happening very quickly!

They said that NOW was the time to begin teaching what I had
been given as it would make our ascension process much easier

The sun, moon and several other planets in our solar system
aligned directly with the high frequency energies of the Great
Central Sun on December 23, 2007 and triggered a massive shift in
the vibrational frequencies of the well as
everything on it!

My health began stabilizing in 2009 along with a renewed sense of
urgency to finish my website and get the information I've been
given out to the rest of the world.

That brings my life story up to date and I hope it helps to explain
how an ordinary life can become filled with extraordinary
understandings of things currently occurring - and even more
beautiful ones that are soon to come for our planet and people!

In closing I would like to share a favorite poem by an unknown
author that has helped me through some difficult times of my own.
Spiritual Upgrades for the Heart and Soul of Humanity
The Breath of Light

From My Heart to Yours
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Dear Friends and Family of Light,

Many of you have asked about the origin of the information being
presented so I would like to share the story of how this special
presentation came into being.


As you come to the edge of all the Light you know
and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,

Faith is knowing one of two things will happen;

That you will be given something solid to step onto
or you will be taught...

how to fly!
My intention for teaching this course
is to help all of us - remember how to fly!

We all have different paths in life but no matter where we go
we take a little of each other with us!

From my heart to yours wherever you may be,

Spiritual Midwife
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