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This exercise is the most important step in learning to use
The Breath of Light technique.

Being able to still your mind in this manner will help you
utilize High Frequency Photon Energy to its fullest extent,
so please make sure you fully understand each step before
going on to the next.

This exercise is also a powerful Lightbody activation!

The results you experience may be subtle at first but they
will soon become very blissful as you continue using the
Quieting the Mind

Find a quiet place to do this exercise and allow yourself
at least 30 minutes to practice without being disturbed.

Begin by sitting quietly in a relaxed manner with the
palms of your hands facing upward as shown.
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Now change your breathing pattern by breathing
in through your nose and
blowing the air
back out through your mouth

Slowly extend your breath by breathing in and
out a little farther than you normally would
Extend your breath farther and focus your attention
on the point where you
stop breathing out
start breathing in

Breathe as you normally
would with air moving
in and out through
your nose
Continue breathing in this
manner until you can do it
easily and without having to
think about how it is done

Continue breathing
in this manner until you
start to feel calm
and relaxed
Now focus on the point where you
stop breathing
in and start breathing out
Close your eyes and continue to breathe in this manner
until you can sense or feel the "Pause" that exists
between each in-breath and out-breath

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