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A special series of communications takes place between a
mother and her unborn child during the final stages of her

The baby's body starts these communications by sending a
“signal” to the mother’s brain to let her know the tiny soul
within her womb is getting ready to be born.

The mother's body responds by slowly decreasing the flow
of nutrients to her unborn child.  

This “signal” lets the baby know the birthing process will
soon take place and helps prepare the baby's lungs to take
their first breath of air.

The baby's digestive system starts preparing itself for new
sources of nourishment as it is being weaned from nutrients
that the mother's body has provided for many months.

The lungs of a newborn baby are divinely designed to deliver
oxygen to every cell in its body but the baby must “activate”
its respiratory system by taking its first breath of air or it
will soon return to the Spiritual realm.

In the same manner our Mother's body prepared us for life
outside her womb our Earthly Mother has begun weaning us
from her Cosmic Womb so that the Child of Divinity can be
Awakened - and then birthed within each of us!

As we are "weaned of our attachment" to 3rd Dimensional
existence our Lightbodies become fully activated and allow
us to regain our spiritual birthright as Children of the Light!

We will then be able to assist our dear Mother Earth as she
is being birthed into her own 5th Dimensional body!

This website was lovingly created to help Humanity safely
ascend to the beautiful New Earth that is rapidly forming all
around us!

Please take a moment to meditate before going on to the
next chapter and reflect upon the events in your own life
that have led you to taking this course.

Awakening the Child of Divinity Within
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We are the ones
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