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Galactic Heart Activation
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Repeat this step until you can tell the energy is
moving freely in a counter-clockwise direction.

When you can feel the energy flowing in a
continuous loop, slowly turn your palms upward
and allow the energy to expand and create a
Radiant Sphere of Light around your body!
This chakra has been dormant in the human body
for thousands of years but it can now be reactivated
with the High Frequency Energy of the Photon Belt!
The Galactic Heart is located halfway between
the throat chakra and the heart chakra
as shown in the image below.
Now create a continuous loop of energy by sending
the energy coming out of your RIGHT hand
- across and back into your LEFT hand -
as shown in the image below.      

Imagine the High Frequency Energy
from the Photon Belt is flowing
into your LEFT hand,
up through your left arm,
through your Galactic Heart,
down through your right arm,
and back out of your RIGHT hand
as shown in the image below.

The color of this new chakra is Brilliant White.

The elemental nature of this new chakra is Fire!

It burns with the Radiance of the Great Central Sun
and allows us to quickly transmute all fear based
thoughts, feelings and emotions!
Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke